Le Gare

Bonjour! I write to you from a cute bar in Besse-sur-Issole, where your favorite intrepid travelers have spent the last week beaching, rock climbing, and eating fresh baguette. J has introduced the Cantors to a very French way of life, and Kip has developed rapport with the local boulanger. We are especially excited by French limestone, which is amazingly sticky and easy to rock climb upon, French beaches, where we are allowed to go topless, and local produce, which is delicious and is washed down with an abundance of rosé.


J, dad Kip, and mum Pauline enjoy breakfast behind le gare.


J and Lani at the beach in Toulon.


J, mighty scaler of rocks, spidey-climbs the astounding French limestone.


C, mighty belayer of climbers, has a little captain in her.


J finds rosemary halfway up a cliff and harvests to upscale lunch.


J, Lani, and Pauline laugh hysterically at C’s witty dinner conversation.


J, C, Lani, and Stig are very picturesque during lunch overlooking Toulon, before more climbing adventures.


5 thoughts on “Le Gare

  1. Oh how fabulous my little plum tarts! You guys look like you are having a delightful time:) And such lovely pictures too. Mamat misses you!!!

  2. BSI!!!!!!!!! I truly hope you didn’t leave Alfred G. Gnome out of this adventure. I feel like flying over just to meet you for this part of the trip (or all of it)! Safe travels, C+J! 🙂

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