As the world turns. . .

We’ve been having a great time in France!


Rock climbing at Chateauvert, where the whole group was beasting 5+ climbs (about 5.10s) And above Toulon where we upped our game to 6s.


Trips to les Gorges du Verdon and the island of Porquerolles, where we biked (no cars) and hung out on beaches, ate delicious ice cream – the tough life.



We’ve been doing our best to assimilate to the culture here- a challenge for some Cantors. No using plates for breakfast, no using bikini tops to best tan, no AC, no eating much other than baguette, cheese, and wine…


Yes to French music, pastis (fennely liquor), afternoon petanque games (bocce ball, to some? Heavy metal ball game played on gravel while drinking afore mentioned pastis), very seldom showering, and using the mossy local town fountain for all of our water drinking needs.



Har dee har, behold our bulging forearms!
Today the Cantor parents left back for the states- they will be missed!
Now, onto canning peach jam, sun drying tomatoes, and glorifying all the gold metals the French are winning. A bientot! J & Cantor


One thought on “As the world turns. . .

  1. Fantastique!! Climbing in Cote d’Azur was a multi-sensory experience – with les chansons des crickets, the aroma of the herbs of Provence, and the stinging of bees and biting ants!

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