Our grand return to the United States!

In which we spend a week hanging with the fam in Miami. We are just in time to celebrate our two-year anniversary, J’s (belated) birthday, and Father’s Day.

Celebrating with Martha and the Prietos.

We also meet new family, J’s new half-sister Camille!



It’s a fantastic visit, and as always, the week goes by too fast in a whirlwind of parties and other get-togethers. We clean the gutters, swim in the pool, make some ceramic sculptures, go out on Charlie’s boat, and eat all the Cuban food we can handle.

A few more photos:


Proud Papa.




Rock climbing with cousin Alianne.



Out for Father’s Day drinks.



Girls Night Out to see Wonder Woman with the Prietos!

Flying east, we layover in San Francisco and spend a day with Washington DC friends Lindsay and Jess! We haven’t been to San Francisco since our road trip across the country in 2014, but our experience there is remarkably similar, and mostly entails lounging in parks in beautiful weather, eating delectable asian food, and drinking craft beer:



We now find ourselves on the big island of Hawaii for the last leg of our adventures! We are working on a small coffee farm near Captain Cook, snorkeling, beaching, adventuring, and are already sunburnt.

Lots of love!

C & J



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