And so we begin again!



More than two years have passed, and the time has come to restart the travel blog. Although the title is not strictly accurate anymore, we have sublet our apartment in Seattle and find ourselves living out of backpacks once again.

After a brief stop in Miami to see the family, we flew all the way to Patagonia – the southernmost tip of South America. The plan is to work our way slowly north over the next six months. And so!

Impressions from the first week:

  • Day 1: Boy, are we out of practice with this whole traveling thing.
  • Day 2: This meat is delicious! Argentina!
  • Day 3: I can´t understand a word of this Spanish. Are they speaking Spanish? What am I doing here?
  • Day 4: This wine is delicious! Argentina!
  • Day 5: They can´t understand my Spanish either? It´s also more expensive here than I thought. Are we going to make it 6 months? What are we doing here?
  • Day 6: Mountains are amazing! Chile!
  • Day 7: Boy, its windy here.

So far, then, a pretty successful trip. We’ve been bouldering, biking, hiking, camping, relaxing, sunburning, and eating eating eating. Some photos:


J, already so good at this.


El Cordero – whole lambs, fire roasted. This is a thing here.


Lago Argentina.


The wind here is incredible. But they embrace it in their public art!


Puerto Natales y los montañas de Torres del Paine.


Happy travelers.

Lots of love,

C & J


3 thoughts on “And so we begin again!

  1. Glad you are blogging!! 🙂 You’ll be back up to speed in no time! Love the sculptures!!! You will be the kind of ambassadors we need right now! Love you so much!!!

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