C and J, Now Paying Rent.

Well folks, its been more than two years (28 months, in toddler terms) since this fine blog began. Yesterday, October 1, 2014, we paid rent, and today will be my last post here.

This is what being settled looks like:

living room

Our new apartment in the Central District of Seattle! It has beautiful high ceilings, big bright windows and happy yellow walls, to combat seasonal depression. It’s in a neighborhood which reminds me a lot of our last home in Eckington, Washington D.C., conveniently near local breweries (yes, there are more than one), the Ethiopian District, International District, and Capitol Hill. We’ve achieved all sorts of real-life standards such as owning a real mattress and a kitchen with real plates in it, seen below.


Also, J has a new job working as a vampire with the Puget Sound Blood Center (also sometimes known as a phlebotomist) and has adopted a new dog! Meet Twy, a two-year-old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix and former service dog:


Twy spends much of the day asleep, which is much appreciated by C, who spends much of the day with her. When she’s awake, she is happy and a bit clingy and J has delighted in taking her hiking and biking and playing in our field-next-door. Below, Twy: Mountain-dog extraordinaire.

mountain dog

Cs list of accomplishments include owning a cell phone, a new bank account, and a newfound housewifely talent for refurbishing free furniture. Below, one of C’s latest projects and C’s birthday zucchini, to which C’s increased age has brought a striking resemblance.


birthday resemblance

scrabble party

Our new settled lifestyle includes homely things like scrabble parties, pictured above, but also once per week hiking and climbing excursions to further explore our new area. Last week’s destination: Lake 22, pictured below.

lake 22

It’s been a great journey, folks! So far, Seattle is a really good fit and we’re both excited for this next adventure. Til we meet again! (when you come visit and crash on our not-yet-purchased futon)

Lots of love,

C and J!

c and j


3 thoughts on “C and J, Now Paying Rent.

  1. Step # 1: don’t pay rent; step # 2: pay rent; step# 3: pay mortgage. Thank you for the captivating trip around the world for the last 28 (toddler) months. I am looking forward for the next 28 years of your lives.

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