Seattle Times.

We begin exploring Seattle and it’s surrounds, aided in a big way by a visit from Miami friends Jess and Miriam!



First, poor Rexy is broken into and someone steals Jess’s tablet, so we spend the day visiting the Fremont troll (above) and getting it fixed. Then, our vacation score improves exponentially when we go here:


Welcome to the Olympic Mountains! We camp for two nights on the Olympic Peninsula amongst some epic mountains and introduce Jess and Miriam to backpacking. They take to it like champs.

IMG_3499 IMG_3502

Jess and Miriam at their highest elevation ever! Marmot Pass at 6,000 ft, a vast difference from a few days before – Miami, which is below sea level. (*probably)


We then venture north to Vancouver, BC and gain more passport stamps! In addition, we’ve been rock climbing with the Cantors, cavorting in Seattle, and making great strides in the re-entering real life department. I have been taking photos, but due to technological difficulties can’t access them right now, so I’ll have to appease you with more picturesque views of the Olympics.


J and a lovely mossy stream.


Jess’s can-do attitude.


The view of Mt. Rainier from pretty much anywhere, always, in Seattle.


East across Puget Sound from the mountains.


Seattle. Lots of love!

C & J



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