In which we spend a week on the Yucatan Peninsula in celebration of cousin Lin and Michael’s wedding! Above, C with Dan and Anna and the lovely Caribbean.


We spend a few days in Playa del Carmen with sis Lani and hubby Stig and take a tourist bus to Chichen Itza, a restored Mayan city. The day begins with Mexican beers on the bus at 7.30a and doesn’t end until around 9, at which point we’ve seen a multitude of amazing things and are thoroughly fed up with tourist traps.


So we take off north for Puerto Morelos, for an all inclusive resort weekend with the extended Ota family! It’s pretty much a cruise, except on land. Open bar? check. Free room service? check. Infinity pools? check, check, and check. We live it up, hang out with siblings and cousins, and feel very reminiscent of Miami weather. Above, J watching the thunderclouds roll in. Below, Lani, J and C sippin coconuts.


The wedding itself is a beautiful beach-front affair with a joyous dance party to follow. Welcome to the Otas, Michael! Below, the beaming bride and groom, and beaming C and J.

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After the wedding, we escape to a perfect oasis of a guesthouse in town and spend a few days eating mole and tacos, drinking tamarind and horchata, and exploring the magical cenotes!


Above, J in the courtyard, C enjoying an Indio. Below, Siete Bocas Cenote! A cenote is a limestone sinkhole reaching into a freshwater aquifer. They are everywhere on the Yucatan, and insanely cool. This one had a network of seven mouths all connected via swimmable tunnels underground.





It was a first trip to Mexico for both of us, a chance for C to bust out more Spanish, and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with C’s mom’s side family. All in all, a spectacular vacation.

Lots of love!

C and J




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