Pacific Northwest

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Fair friends!

When we last spoke, we were cavorting our way up the Pacific. We saw some ridiculously picturesque coastlines. We did not see some ridiculously picturesque coastline due to extreme fog (it’s not a cultural exaggeration!) Without fog:

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With fog:

1image (16)

Photos taken mere minutes apart! We explored some rivers. We drank some delicious craft beers. Each night, we would pick a green spot on the map (National Forest) and find ourselves an access road with free dispersed camping. It took us some pretty great places. Then, it took us here:

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Logging country! A campsite with a view, but also a pretty sad sight. And now, the camping portion of this road trip has come to an end.


We drive inland to Portland! J celebrates with a Coffee Porter ice cream float.


We stay with cousin Emma, meet up with friends and family, sing karaoke, stroll the tree-lined streets, and fall in love with Portland. Below, a puppeteer busking and C, rocking it.



We depart Portland and drive a few hours north with brief stops for local beer and clam chowder in Olympia and arrive at our road trip’s conclusion, in Seattle, Washington. Our arrival looked just like this:


We are now in Sammamish, at the lovely home of parents Pauline and Cliff, except without Pauline and Cliff. And we’re taking kitchen piracy (taking over someone else’s kitchen- a skill we’ve honed to perfection) to a whole new level:


Spoils from mum’s garden for dinner! We finally unpack Rexy and stay a week hanging with bro Dan and Anna, seeing high school friends, and doing a lot of internet research to start our hunts for jobs and an apartment. Also, some of this:

Now taking off for a week in Mexico for cousin Lin’s wedding. Just can’t stop the beat!!

Lots of Love,

C and J


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