Sequoia National Park

20140809-072526.jpg In which we cross briefly through Nevada and into California! It marks the first time we’ve been in the same time zone as Seattle since August, 2011.

20140809-072953.jpg J and a giant Sequoia. We spend a few days free camping in the National Forest, do some very scenic, very windy and mountainous driving, and do short walks around the biggest tree on earth (General Sherman), a 3,000 year old tree (Robert E. Lee) and other Confederate Generals. We then do a long walk up Mt. Silliman.

20140810-101841.jpg C, ready for glory.

20140810-101945.jpg There’s no official trail, but we buy a topo map and take off, no problem.

20140810-102108.jpg Then the clouds roll in, and the last slope up the valley to our intended lakeside camp takes us four hours of zigzagging, circling, and getting progressively grumpier.

20140810-102413.jpg Just as we had selected a shitty, exposed, rocky site to set up the tent and call it quits til morning, angels began singing and a spot of blue appeared. The clouds lifted. “There it is!!” we cried, and raced up the slope to the awaiting lake, where we managed to set up camp and strike a few picturesque poses before the clouds descended again.

20140810-102917.jpg J orienteering from the safety of our tent. At 10,049 ft high, this camp broke J’s record of highest elevation ever, an we hadn’t even reached the summit yet!

20140810-103243.jpg The next morning was insanely beautiful and we set off for the summit.

20140810-103354.jpg Above, the only photographic evidence that C was ever there, taken while signing into the registry at the summit. Below, J adds a few feet of height to her new 11,188 ft elevation record.

We spend another few days cavorting in the park including this lovely waterfall in Kings Canyon, shortly before J got mild hypothermia.

A few other photos:



Also this, giantess C hugging a sequoia 32 ft in diameter.

On to the coast!
Lots of Love,
C and J



4 thoughts on “Sequoia National Park

  1. Je vois que les Alpes de l’enfance servent a quelque chose. Et puis meme, le Verdon et son eau froide: J is ready to tackle every challenge! These were beautiful pictures, make me want to go on vacation for 3 years, too…

  2. What beautiful country. An 11,000′ mtn must be an easy jaunt for you two. I’m glad the fog broke so you could find the lake that was hiding from you. I love your sequoia pictures. Can’t wait to see you. Love, Dad

  3. Woohoo!!! LOVE all these pics. Andrew and I will be in Cali at the end of this month. We are road trippin’ it from San Fran/ Napa to Palm Springs to Phoenix. Hope you keep having an awesomeee time!!! 🙂 Love, Sam (Patty)

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