Red, Red Rocks and Blue, Blue Skies

In which we spend most of our four days in Utah completely awestruck. Above, J at Capitol Reef National Park.

20140804-100406.jpg br />

The landscape here is startlingly similar to certain swaths of Australia except that its all crowded into a much smaller space and is more of an onslaught to the senses. The topography here is younger, more majestic, whereas in Northern Territory part of the awe was the age of the landscape and its vastness. Above, Arches National Park. Below, not everything is red, but its still pretty spectacular.

We drive Scenic Byways to our heart’s content and revisit Zion National Park, which is just as grand the second time around. Also, we’ve entered the West where there’s free camping at all public lands, so that’s awesome. Below, the most pleasant campsite ever and J, now picking up the habit of only brushing her teeth next to picturesque bubbling brooks.

We then cross paths with friends Jäger and Elise, also road tripping, and spend a great weekend together at a timeshare in St. George and in some awesome lava caves at Snow Canyon State Park.



20140809-065833.jpg Above, Elise and J makin s’mores.

We have a grand old time in Utah, but are ready to re-gain a bit of elevation again and get out of the desert. Next up, California and Sequoia National Park!

Lots of Love,
C and J



3 thoughts on “Red, Red Rocks and Blue, Blue Skies

  1. How nice that you made it to Utah. You could spend months, not days, exploring the scenery. I love your description of the compact onslaught. Interesting comparison to AU. How is the RV traffic? Or are you used to that from around the block? Love, Dad

  2. Wow! Just wow!! Free in the West. Didn’t know about that. Hi Catherine! 🙂

    Have fun in Cali – let me know if you’re somewhere and need a place to stay. Lots of friends and fam around.

    Ily. Can’t wait to see you!!!

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