Mountains, Rocks, Beer, and Friends!

Apparently, Denver is the place to be. We have so many friends who’ve moved here – friends from college, friends from DC, friends we didn’t know were living here until we ran into them in the park. We arrive in Denver for the quintessential Colorado experience, which in J’s words is Beer, Brunch, and Bouldering. And we do all these things!!
J and Britt out for Britt’s birthday.

Corn hole on the back patio at a downtown brewery.


J mountain-stomping.

We then venture up to Boulder and stay with cousins Margery and Bill, and it rains for three days. But Margery takes us riding! C is allergic, but J is really good! *photo is blurry bc she was going really fast. . .

C in an awkward place on Monkey Traverse at Flagstaff.

Our last day in Colorado we drive out through Boulder Canyon (spectacular) and camp in the Vail Valley next to a lovely stream. J, brushing her teeth next to our refrigerator.

Despite the ridiculously dry air, the strange weather, the terrible traffic patterns and parking, we both fell head over heels in love with Colorado. Up next, Utah!
Lots of love,
C and J



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