Mountains, Rocks, and Beer

20140730-230235.jpg Colorado!!

We enter from the south and head straight to Great Sand Dunes National Park, where we attempt to hike and instead settle for lying still in our tent, gasping for air. Altitude is tough to get used to!

The dunes, the turtle, and wildlife!





Zapata Falls, a cool rock scramble up a glacial stream and into a cave from the hiking trail.


Garden of the Gods, our first rock climbing of the trip!



Rexy braving the mountain passes.


Next post, Denver and Boulder!
Lots of love!!
C and J



2 thoughts on “Mountains, Rocks, and Beer

  1. Wow, what fun! Mule deer are huge, aren’t they? Are there glaciers in CO … and glacial streams? Seems a bit unlikely. Sand dunes, G of the G, and altitude. Many happy memories for Mom and me. We’re excited that you are getting closer to Seattle. Love, Dad

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