The Lone Star State

In which we spend five days sweatin’ through Texas:

20140728-080138.jpg J checking out the cowboy boots. We enter Texas from the east, and it looks like this:

Then we get to Austin, and it looks like this:

Austin has a great charm- hipster cool while still being very decidedly western and Texan. The gluttony continues as we feast on Tex-mex and BBQ in epic portion sizes.

20140728-075827.jpg Blue Ox BBQ. A great food truck permanently parked on the patio at a bar. Symbiosis!


20140728-080702.jpg Barton Springs. Right in town, a natural springs done up in the 1930s with pool-like edges, a diving board, and the most aesthetically pleasing changing room facilities I’ve ever seen, complete with a courtyard and interior garden.

20140728-081508.jpg Northern Texas had a huge number of fences and wind farms. Apparently the vast expanse of flat scrubland is mostly private property. It is also experiencing a pretty severe drought. Above, the lake we were planning to camp next to for the night.

20140728-081408.jpg Our last stop in Texas, Palo Duro Canyon State Park!

20140728-081953.jpg The view out from Juliette Cave.
Hailed as the second Grand Canyon, we had an excruciatingly hot adventure scrambling on rocks, playing in the clay, and camping on the canyon floor.
New Mexico: we drive northwest, skirting through the corner of the state, which pretty much just looked like this:

Now in Colorado, rock climbing, hiking, and gasping for oxygen every 4th breath.

Lots of love!
C and J



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