Road Trip: The American South

In which we pack Rexy to the gills and begin another voyage!!
20140722-233438.jpgEverything we own.

Florida: Did you know northern Florida has a huge network of underground rivers and springs? People go scuba diving in them! We swam around at the surface. But the current coming upwards was quite strong! Ichetucknee Springs, and the turtle.
Georgia: It’s quite lush here! We muse about how plentiful these forests must be and however did the Native Americans native to these hills and valleys survive once we exiled them to Oklahoma? In any case, they were replaced by a strong southern culture. C’s first Cracker Barrel!
Alabama: Bodday!! No photos taken, but it looked just like this, about a decade older:
Mississippi: Still lush! Still driving. We didn’t spend a lot of time in Mississippi, but we did discover the benefit to driving with everything you own in the car: body pillow at the ready!
Louisiana: A glorious weekend in New Orleans! We begin an extreme regimen of gluttony (po boys! oysters! beignets! mufaletta! boudin! bloody marys!) punctuated by thunderstorms, streetcars, and awesome live jazz.

The mighty Mississippi.


The biggest oyster I’ve ever seen/eaten. Tasted surprisingly like how I imagine the Mississippi might taste – a silty flavor which also emerges in all the local beers, and isn’t particularly delicious.


Flood warning!


Jazz at the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen St.

20140723-001021.jpg And a completely unexpected appearance by the Victory Belles- a trio of satin-ed ladies singing God Bless America and WWII era classics.

Currently in Austen, TX, continuing the gluttony!
Lots of love!
C and J



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