Wedding part deux

May 5 – 15, 2014. Up the East Coast

photo (2)


We take a vacation from our vacation to visit friends on the east coast before traveling westwards. First stop, Maryland! We spend a day in Baltimore, then divide and conquer to visit friends in the ‘burbs. Above, J in Baltimore! Below, pups at Jill and Wes’ incredible (not really new at all but new to me) house they’ve completely re-done inside.


*no friends were pictured in the making of this visit.

Then, to Annapolis for another wedding: dear friends Winston and Liza from DC. Hooray!

image (5)

In what is now my new favorite plan for a wedding ever, Winston and Liza rent a vacation house on the water via airbnb and an ebbing and flowing collection of friends and relatives spend the whole weekend hanging out, swimming off the dock, playing volleyball, frolicking, and making merry. We sleep summer-camp style in bunks upstairs, with lots of additional yard-space for tents.


J doing some deep-fryer magic, with a view.


The main event, on Saturday eve, is a ridiculously fun and happy affair. And a pretty epic dance party.


*not true to life. This photo refuses to be turned upright.

After a single night back in DC (just can’t get enough!) we bus up to New York City for J’s birthday!


Continuing our world trek through Koreatown! Also sushi and ramen in Little Tokyo, Columbian, Georgian, Vietnamese, NYC-style pizza and hot dogs, and just about everything else we could possibly find and eat.


We stayed in the East Village with friends Margaret and Nina, also not pictured. But here’s J and their new pup!

image (2)

We have an amazing time in NYC visiting some amazing peeps and doing very New-York-ey things like frisbee in Central Park, musical theater, awesome city-scape views, and we even discover a secret hidden bar in Brooklyn! Above, Kinky Boots on Broadway for J’s birthday – a great, feel-good kind of a show with lots of sequins and drag queens.


Escaping from natural history.

image_2 (2)

Look, friends!



And now we’re caught up to the present! Just two more weeks in Miami before we take off road tripping.

Lots of love!

C and J





2 thoughts on “Wedding part deux

  1. Cool! One talent you’ve honed: travel writing. You just keep getting better. I love reading about your adventures… ILY. Dad

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