May 8, 2014. Miami, Florida!

image (1)

We eschew another airplane in favor of taking the train from North Carolina down the coast to Miami (read: J’s worst decision ever). 24 hours later, Miami!! And we both fall sick for about a week, a ghastly result of much too much reunioning. After recovery, Miami!!


We reunite with the Larmiers/Prietos and with all of our stuff we packed up two years ago. We are staying at J’s mom’s house with her two younger brothers, Alex and Antoine.

image (4)

J reunites with brothers, and more importantly, pets!!

photo (1)

And friends!! J’s friend from college Bodday comes to visit and we have a pool party.

image (2)

In fact, we spend a lot of time hanging around the pool. Also, C reads a lot of books and J watches a lot of “The Dog Whisperer.”


In order to stop this vicious cycle, Alex takes it upon himself to show us the awesome side of Miami. We hike through mangroves, discover some parks, bars, restaurants and breweries and take a very cool street art bicycle tour of Wynwood!


We begrudgingly re-enter the real world by getting jobs with a catering company and buying a car. Below, meet Rexy!

image (3)

Name still tentative. Next, another wedding and a birthday trip to NYC!

Lots of love,

C & J


One thought on “Miami!

  1. Ha ha, you’re good! Great photos and get a lot of goings on in minimal commentary. Miami looks so bright and sunny and warm!!

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