Bowdoin Wedding

May 1 – 7, 2014. North Carolina.


We bus to Raleigh to the wonderful home of the Millers where C’s college roommate Carrie is getting married. Married! Whee! Above, bridesmaids gone wild.


Team 3 reunites!


*Photo courtesy of Ginny Corbett!

It is a spectacular weekend which doubles as a Bowdoin Women’s Rugby reunion as we all gather to celebrate Carrie and Keirnan, who got together 9 years ago after Carrie decided to hit on him in French class, and Keirnan thought to himself, “Wow, Southerners sure are friendly. . .”


*Photo courtesy of Rae Phalen! The wedding is a beautiful affair at a steakhouse on the water, conveniently dubbed Steakonalake.


Carrie and Keirnan’s awesome choreographed wedding dance. The photo speaks for itself.

After a ridiculously awesome weekend and unhealthy levels of meat consumption, we join some of the Bowdoin ruggers for a few days in western North Carolina, staying at the Munford family cabin.


We spend an amazing few days hiking, swimming, cavorting in waterfalls, and having a great time. Above, J’s gun show.


Nicole refuses to be the C to our YM and A, and gets flashed for her impertinence.


Next up, Larmiers, Prietos, and Miami!!

Lots of love!

C and J


2 thoughts on “Bowdoin Wedding

  1. Hi Clara. Carrie’s wedding / rugunion looks like lots of fun. Best wishes to them. The last photo of the rock looks strikingly Norwegian. Are you sure your pics didn’t get mixed up? Can’t wait to see you again. Love, Dad

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