Home Home Home!

April 22 – 30, 2014. Washington DC.


Our return to Washington DC is both absolutely wonderful and a bit surreal. We stay a week with C’s old roommate Ruth and Leah, who are wonderful and welcoming hosts. Yet there’s something funny: their house bears a striking resemblance to our old abode on T St. Maybe it’s because the DC row house has such a unique and identifiable charm, but then again, there are the same ornate moldings around doorways and weaving floorplan. Because we gave away a lot of stuff when we left DC two years ago, we found J’s mom’s kitchen furniture, C’s artwork on the walls, familiar clothing and jewelry, and even this, J’s canned spiced peaches from 2011:


*Probably not still fit for consumption.*

It is wonderful to see friends, and to see all the things they’ve accomplished and the ways they’ve changed in two years – new jobs! new homes! new partners! new spouses! It’s all very exciting. And there’s also a strange sense of familiarity for the two of us: that this is where we’d be living, the bar we’d be sitting at, the people we’d be hanging out with had the last two years of our lives never happened.


We have a blast wandering the streets of our old hometown like tourists. Having the time while everyone else is at work to sit in parks, visit museums, and admire the beauty of springtime in DC.



Up next, a Bowdoin Wedding!

Lots of love,

C & J



2 thoughts on “Home Home Home!

  1. What a descriptive word: surreal. The mall, your peaches, a row of – what else – row houses, and cherry blossoms. Did you remember to subtract a day, like Phileus Fogg? Your new posts are great. Love, Dad

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