Seder in the USA

April 17-21, 2014. Detroit, Michigan, USA.

We depart Sydney at 1p and arrive into Dallas at . . . 1:30p. We connect through to Detroit, where our 14 hour time zone change hit us like a harrowing, week-long hangover. But excitement pulls us through, because after 22 months abroad, we re-enter the United States into a maelstrom of Cantors!


C’s Mum helps with the maelstrom of stuff. Also, you can’t tell from this photo but there’s snow on the ground. Snow!

We stay with C’s grandparents, Bernie and Judy, and spend every evening staying up late chatting with the Cantor parents and cousins. It is a grand reunion.




Passover Seder at cousin Peggy and Peter’s.


J learns how to make gefilte fish balls.


We take the plunge into Wing Lake with dad Cliff and cousin Jane. Happy 60th, Jane!!


Next up, we return to Washington DC!

Lots of family reunion love!
C and J
(in ten plague masks)


One thought on “Seder in the USA

  1. So glad you’re keeping this going! Norway here in 2!! Have a blast with the Miami crew for the 4th!! Ily. Miss you – let’s Skype soon.

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