Leaving Tas.


The time has come! As of two days ago, we were gainfully employed vineyard hands, living our turtle life taking our home wherever we went. Today, we’ve sold Leland, culled down our possession and are departing once again with just our packs on our backs. Although, for real, there sure is a lot more stuff strapped onto the outside than there used to be, and goodness, they’re heavy. . .

We will spend a few days in Sydney on the way out, and then the grand return to the States after almost two years abroad!

Some last images of Tasmania, which holds a special place in my heart:

Pinot Noir at Delamere Vineyard. Shortly before we picked it.

Leland, in his natural habitat.

C playing on the beach.

J playing on the rocks.


That moment when you realize you own waay too much stuff.


Viv gives us a tour of her winery so we can taste the ferments.

J fishing at Currie Dam.

These last two years have been completely, unbelievably, life-changingly awesome, but I’m most excited to see family and friends after our two year absence.

Lots of love!!
C and J


3 thoughts on “Leaving Tas.

  1. How sad! You will be back in Taz when you take dad and me. And Stig.

    Ily can’t wait to hug you two AND see more photos! Can’t wait!! 🙂

  2. Way cool! Love your to-do list with almost everything checked. Poor Leland. Life-changing for sure. I can’t wait to hug you. See you next week. Love, Dad

  3. C’est le moment de citer Garcia-Marquez: “La vie n’est pas ce que l’on a vécu, mais ce dont on se souvient, et comment on s’en souvient pour la raconter”.

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