Friends, Food, and Wine.

We continue living the good life in the Tamar wine region, and with less than a month left on our Australian visas, doing our best to make it all count. We work during the week at a variety of vineyards, doing stupid-long shifts of grape picking with 10 minute breaks. On weekends, we hang out with friends, ook up feasts, and drink a lot of delicious wine.

Sometimes after work, we swim laps here.

Picnic lunch on the hill above Dalrymple vineyard.

Being friends with people who work at wineries also has perks! We attend Shakespeare in the Vines at Delamere to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a music festival at Josef Chromy, to see a lot of Australian bands I’ve never heard of . . .

Viv makes chicken pot pie.

J at Batman Bridge.

Lots of love!
C and J


2 thoughts on “Friends, Food, and Wine.

  1. Hi, thanks for the news. Seems like a fun place to spend time. Those rock outcroppings on the other side of the water look worth exploring (toproping?). Must be fairly populated to have a Shakespeare festival. We’re excited about seeing you in a month but I’m sure leaving Tas will be bittersweet. Love, Dad

  2. Ily dad is sure on top of things! Any chance of skyping? Soak up that summer sun as much as possible! ily can’t wait to see you!!

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