Tamar Valley Fun

We’ve settled into life in the Tamar River Valley.

And have begun working steadily. Above, Leland at Paper Head Point.

Les vendanges! Or, as its called in Australia, picking season! We’re with a picking crew of about 15 going to various wineries in the region as things ripen. The crew is entirely French backpackers and one carful of Asians, most of whom have pretty limited English. And us!

Other adventures include weekend hiking and rock climbing trips with some newfound friends!!

Said newfound friends atop Mt Arthur. We’ve infiltrated a clique of winery cellar hands in for the vintage, a mix of French, Canadian, and two Aussies. We have Sunday dinners every week for which J gets to cook in a real kitchen, with a real oven.

C hangry and pouty after bush bashing for hours through nettles along what was meant to be a “15 minute walk trail”, on our way to climbing. Shortly before beasting a 20!

J, beasting.

Lots of love!!
C and J


2 thoughts on “Tamar Valley Fun

  1. Go, les vendanges! What a nice picture of a tub of delicious-looking grapes. Juliette must enjoy speaking French again. How do you all know where to go to pick? It must be arranged, right, as opposed to random? It’s nice that some of your new-found friends go climbing with you. I guess you’re not the only ones traveling with shoes and harnesses. Did Juliette do the 20 with you? If so, I’m in awe. I hope your rope is coming in handy. We love your posts/pics. Love, Dad

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