And now, to the Vineyard!

Well, folks, we’ve finally realized a two-year long fantasy and are currently spending our days with our work boots on, up and down the rows of a vineyard.

The work is called trellising, and entails turning this:

Through a variety of methods such as un-racking and re-racking wires, pruning and weaving, into this:

Each row takes one person an hour or two, and there are several plots of over 30 rows each. We’ve also parked Leland in the back lot (thus the lack of internet connectivity) which makes our commute a particularly easy one. Other fun from the last few weeks:

J bouldering at Oatlands.

C and the Hazards.

C triumphant at Hillwood.

J at Great Oyster bay.

Ascending Mt. Wellington.

Lots of love!!
C and J


3 thoughts on “And now, to the Vineyard!

  1. Wow, what fun. Trellising looks like doing cornrows in hair. This isn’t your first job at a vineyard, is it? The bouldering and climbing and beaching look great. I hope Leland survives the Spring so you can keep going out and about. How did you get it there in the first place? Lani and Stig took us to a climbing gym today where we realized how out-of-shape we are. Love, Dad

  2. Nice work! Nice play!! J you look really strong!! We had utterly fantastic Norwegian potluck last night and you know why – all the great cooks in town are their friends! You met some of them! 🙂

    Indoor climbing was rough – altho’ said cooks also awesome climbers!! ily

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