Another photo post, cause Tassie’s so damn photogenic.

Plus, when applying to jobs in beautiful places, photos of those beautiful places are infinitely more worthwhile than stories about those jobs and how many hours we spent at McDonalds because it was the only WiFi in town.

Tasman Peninsula. Just visible between the other karsts: the totem pole. I love rock climbing.

You can’t really tell, but that tiny turquoise dot on the top of the cliff is totally me.

J cooking dinner. Just another day, living in a van.

Echidnas are adorable.

Lots of love!!
C and J


3 thoughts on “VPKs

  1. D was over tonight and saw his photos!! Wow Wow. Wow!! Loved his photos and he kept deleting photos and wouldn’t share with me. Ha ha! He had a great time. Still has his stash. :). Miss you guys!!

  2. Photogenic no kidding. What beautiful VPKs. I hope you have good luck job hunting. Which end goes forward on the echidna? Love, Dad

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