Road trip!

Aforementioned “Next step of adventure” has begun!!

We’ve departed Gracetown and said goodbye to good friends and have returned to the vagrant way of life:

First stop, an awesome, quite strenuous off-track overnight trek along the ridge walk in Sterling Ranges National Park.

Unfortunately, this incredible journey went undocumented because of a dropped camera on the first peak. For your imagination, picture towering bluffs and steep trails that appear to run off the sides of them. Sunning lizards that snuggle when they think they’re alone. Us losing the trail several times and playing Marco-polo through thickets that later had to be plucked out of C’s dreadies. A depressing vista out over the park, which is colored thickly green, and across it’s clearly delineated borders, where everything is dead and pale brown. And astonishing panoramas of the other surrounding peaks, punctured by the realization that we’re getting old, and treks like this leave pains that last much longer than they used to. The takeaway photo:

Other snaps along the way (all taken with J’s resuscitated camera):

Twilight beach at Esperence. Because we were crossing the desert, which is hot, in the summer, which is hotter, all in a van with no a/c, we begin waking up at the crack of dawn, driving for the bulk of the morning, then stopping during the midday heat before continuing on at 4 or 5p. This creates a feeling of three days in each day, and is quite tiring, which results in our going to sleep with the sun, at around 9p. We call it “conserving headlamp batteries”.

J at the Great Southern Bight – towering cliffs straight down into the ocean.

Passing through Barossa Valley, famed for dry-grown Shiraz. Very, very dry-grown. Turns out to result in a very intense, savory flavor neither one of us particularly preferred.

J at Pira Wara, where we skillfully turned an easy stroll into an off-trail, multipeak adventure. Whoops.

Also at Pira Wara, Koala! In the wild! And awake, to boot!


Our trvelling mint, which we had to abandon because of state border quarantines. Next stop, Tasmania!
Lots of love,
C and J


3 thoughts on “Road trip!

  1. What fun! We read in today’s paper it was 120 F in Australia. I hope you weren’t driving in that … or in that at all. Like your midday siestas. Wish I could hike with you. Everything seems so remote and beautiful. Have fun with Dan. Be safe. Love, Dad

  2. So Glad you guys are still doing what you love! Miss you tons thought.. and Ju check your facebook! GEEEEZ! Love you both!


  3. Nice! But “getting old”???!!! Really?! Next photo – with D!! Miss you guys! Hey, were you late mtg up with D? Ily Be safe climbing!

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