Happy 2014!!

It’s like the future!

We ring in the new year at a rave in a cave, which is about the coolest venue I’ve ever been to. And possibly the least safety regulated.


J and I spend our 4th Christmas together, and have a wonderful orphan Christmas afternoon barbeque with friends. For Noche Buena, we celebrate with a feast of roast duck, for real this time. To relive our duck fiasco of Noche Buena 2012, click here and scroll to the bottom:



In other feasts, fresh Coffin Bay oysters and J’s “Farmer’s market steak and salad” :
“Seared local venison steak sliced sashimi-style over a bed of watercress and basil salad with avocado lime dressing. Garnishes of fresh summer nectarines, coriander pickled carrots, and blanched organic zucchini. Served with French baguette, local beer, and handmade candles.”

We’ve officially finished at Will’s Domain and are now preparing to depart Western Australia and re-acquaint ourselves with the traveling way of life. We’ve made some really great friends here, learned a lot about wine, and seen some spectacular sunsets.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy 2014!
Lots of love!
C and J


2 thoughts on “Happy 2014!!

  1. Good luck on next segment! Did Wills start to feel like home? You have friends all over the world now. I love your posts. What is that white stuff under the rocks that looks just like snow in the pic of Juliette with fishing pole at the beach? Love, Dad

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