Summertime and the livings easy. . .

Well, the time has come that I’ve run out of interesting, new things to say. Lucky for you, I’m blogging anyway!


Bushy, unkempt vines.

An international surf competition at Previlly, about 15 minutes south of us. Biggest waves of the weekend not pictured.

That same guy, not winning.

J catches me dinner!

In other news, its hot enough for A/C and/or sweating, Leland is making funny noises, and Js garden was eaten by wallabies, which are basically miniature kangaroos. We are also awoken in the morning by squabbling cockatoos, and sometimes in the middle of the right by echidnas running on our tin roof. And sometimes by loud children, as the caravan park fills up in the summer holidays. But mostly we’ve just been working a lot as those same summer holiday hoards descend upon the winery, and saving up for our next leg of adventure.

All in all, its a good life.
Lots of love!
C and J


3 thoughts on “Summertime and the livings easy. . .

  1. Thanks for the update! Mom and Juliette have the same garden probs … only we don’t see all that many wallabies here in Seattle. What on odd-looking fish. I hope it doesn’t its barbs are for visual effect only. Dan is making progress in his upcoming visit; he got his passport. I love you. Merry Christmas to Juliette. Happy mid-summer New Year. Dad

  2. Ha ha! “that same guy not winning”. Are you two going to try surfing?

    Sweating over soba and mochi, hmmmm, that will be interesting!

    Alert! I’m sneaking into D’s bkpk underneath the snazzy rope. 🙂

    Ily. Really enjoyed the Skype!!

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