Happy Chanukkah!


We’ve entered December and summer is upon us! The vines are lush, the trees are in bloom, and the beaches are beckoning.

In special news, J, who has thus far been wading in the shallows and swimming only in rivers and streams, went swimming in the ocean for the first time in Australia!! Coincidentally and illogically, a mere week after a surfer was killed by a shark at our local beach in Gracetown. Below, J fishing off the rocks.

Lots of love!! Hope everyone is happy and healthy this holiday season!
C and J


4 thoughts on “Happy Chanukkah!

  1. Excellent menorah! Happy Chanukah!! Your gift is arriving via D since didn’t get an address.

    Kudos to J on her daring plunge. When your time comes, your time comes. Not entirely sure what it’s like for AUS except that everything there is far more poisonous and ferocious. On that note, be careful! Ily. Miss you!

  2. Nice pictures. Thanks for the news. Not so sure about swimming with sharks. That incident made the news internationally, followed immediately by a similar incident in Hawaii. Happy Chanukah to you too. Love, Dad

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