Days Off

Hello folks!

We’ve been continuing our quest to explore the area with a few hikes and a camping trip to Wellington National park. Above, J amongst the wildflowers.


C, always a sucker for a good swimming spot, stops in the middle of our hike for a dip.


Our bit of coastline along the Cape to Cape track, which we’ve each done independently, sometimes at a jog, but never together.


Surfers at Gracetown.


A three-foot lizard.


Lots of love!
C and J


4 thoughts on “Days Off

  1. Wow what a beautiful area! Hikes and streams and swimming holes and beach jogs. And Springtime! I hope you are still enjoying your jobs. Thank you so much for the post… I check every day! I love you. Dad

  2. ditto on what “Dad” said…check everyday for updates on your magical lives…. 🙂 beautiful spring pics…very picturesque.. seeing Clara in the water reminded me of our swim in France in the river. Today is Alexandre’s are all getting so old. love u lots!!!!!!! missing u lots!!!! mom

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alexandre!! I have to second what the parental units are saying… love it when I check in on the blog and there is a new post!!! Hope the travels keep taking you to amazing locations!

    Patty (a.k.a. Sam)

  4. Lovely! Lively! Cool!! I met a couple at PCC selling their olive oil from NZ. They live half the year there and half the year here. I bet you can guess which half where. Ha ha. Happy belated B-day to Alex!! Let’s Skype again soon. Thanksgivinakah?! Miss you!!!! Ily. mum

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