Happy Halloween, ya’ll!

To make up for the last one, a photo post:


J’s garden.


Hiking and whale-spotting on “The far side of the moon”.


J at Smiths Beach.


With coworkers, enjoying a glass on the verandah after a long weekend.


Sunset from Gracetown.


Lots of love!!
C and J


4 thoughts on “November!

  1. Beautiful pics, Clara. What adventures you two are having. No dragons or Orcs to slay, lots of picturesque sunsets. Keep posting … we love it. Love, Dad

  2. Love you! Miss you two!! My garden is going to sleep. Gorgeous place down under. Enjoy yourselves. Dad caught up to me – 59. 🙂

  3. Serene and peaceful…Juliette’s with her herb garden reminds me of many things. Enjoy life, but don’t forget to come back home, i love you. Papa.

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