Hello, friends!


As of yesterday, we’ve moved into our new house – a small cabin on the side lot of the caravan park in Gracetown. Still living in the caravan park? Yes. But we’ve upgraded from Leland:


To this!


Upsides: Our own (indoor!) kitchen, hanging up our clothing, and being able to get dressed standing vertically instead of laying on the bed. It’s especially nice because the last two weeks have dumped torrential showers of rain every night, and seeing as Leland was also our transportation to work, we took down the tarp each morning and reset it every night. Also, if only one of us was working, the other had to wander around homeless for the day. Downside: If while driving home from work we receive a text inviting us out, we no longer have the means to pull over, change out of our work clothes and into something nicer, eat dinner, and show up at the party with a six-pack, all procured from our van. You win some, you lose some.

We’re happily settling into the swing of things at Will’s Domain, where we’re both working at the cellar door and restaurant, as well as weddings and functions. And Oh, it’s beautiful here. Downside to working at a winery: taming the dreads to look professional. Upside: taking home unfinished bottles of wine. Whee!


In addition to enjoying free wine from work, we’ve been exploring our new neighborhood in circles, slowly spiraling outward. So far, this includes four beaches, eight wineries, and a weekly farmer’s market! Above, North Point. Below, Cape Grace Winery and the Margaret River Saturday Market.


J diligently takes notes.


Also also. Cockatoos, cows and grapes.




Lots of love!!
C and J



3 thoughts on “Gracetown

  1. Love and miss you guys so much! And might I say… I think the living situation is quite the upgrade lol. You look so happy which makes me smile so big!



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