Beaches of Western Australia.


Picture post! Above, rocks along the shoreline above Gantheaume Point, Broome.


Low tide outside Carnarvon.


Sunset at Hearson Cove, Dampier Peninsula. 10 points if you can spot J, cooking vegetable stew.


The Port Hedland foreshore, featuring J’s new backpack, made from the bottom half of J’s new shorts (formerly J’s old pants). It’s good to date a seamstress. Shout out to Alex for inspiration!


Shell beach at Shark Bay. Kilometers of beach made entirely of cockle shells. They actually mine them to use in chicken feed and to make buildings out of “shell brick”.


C emerging. Also seen at Shark Bay, sharks!


Fisherwoman J. Kalbarri National Park.


And also at Geraldton, wearing much more clothing. Driving due south means some weather adapting!


C at Cliff Head Camp.


The road tripping life.


Lots of love!!
C and J


4 thoughts on “Beaches of Western Australia.

  1. Yeah photos! Love it! Thanks for posting. You must be really putting in the kms if there’s that dramatic a weather change!! Hopefully all the sharks are friendly. I get 10 pts. Ha ha but had to look twice tho before realizing J was buried. Thought it was just her hat on the beach. Points to the seamtress and fisherwoman!! Miss you guys! Ily

  2. Hi, I love J’s new pack. And new shorts. Are the shell beaches similar to the shell beaches in Toulon? I love the pic of J’s hat. When you saw sharks, were they right near the beach? Maybe the swimming there isn’t so great. Everything looks beautiful and fun. Love, Dad

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