Hello friends!


We’ve begun the hiking/adventure NW portion of our trip with a fabulous 5 day backpacking trip on the Jatbula Trail. It was one of the most idyllic, leisurely, pleasant backpacking trips I’ve ever done, and the longest ever for J!!


Each morning, we packed our things and walked 10-20 km of mostly parched, arid, flat terrain. We arrived to our camp by lunchtime or shortly thereafter, and spent each afternoon lounging in our bikinis in lush oases of streams, deep pools, and waterfalls. And each day, the landscape got drier, and the camps just kept getting better.
Camp number one.


The turtle enjoying waterfront locations.


Biddlecomb Falls.


J and a termite mound.


Lots of Jawoyn Aboriginal artwork along the way.


17 Mile Falls.


Sandy Camp Pool.


Lots of love!!
C and J


2 thoughts on “Jatbula

  1. What fantastic photos! Some scarcely look real, like the termite mound. What do all those termites eat? Seems they’d make a better living if they moved to Brazil. I loved your email today. Thanks for all the news. Love, Dad

  2. Ah so nice!!! What a perfect camping trip. I’m surprised it wasn’t crowded with other people. 🙂 That termite mound is absolutely ridiculous!!! The beginnings of a horror story maybe. I got you another fan. Diane Massey will be cking out your blog. Went down to Portland to visit Mary Massey and Diane.

    Love you guys!! Loved the photos!!

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