Darwin Vagabons

After a wonderful vacation in Bali, we’ve returned to Australia. More specifically, to the Darwin International Airport.

You see, when we arrived, we went to the toilet, brushed our teeth, paid for our parking, and left the airport. Then good old Leland, our 19-year-old van, wouldn’t start. We hailed down two different cars for a jump, but to no avail. We went back into the airport to call a tow truck.

Then we discovered that it was a public holiday. And Australians really like their public holidays. We could hire a tow, but our mechanic was closed until Monday, and Leland would sit in their parking lot for three days while we bussed into town to find a hostel. OR, we would leave Leland in his shady, tree-lined lot he’d been in for the last three weeks, and we could live at the airport, which has clean bathrooms and free wifi. Hm.

So then we spent three days living at the airport. We strolled to the grocery store and laid in parks in the afternoons. We used to wifi to plan our next hiking trips and apply for jobs. We even hit up the local Sunday farmer’s market. And we slept every night in our immovable van in the vacant back corner of the lot.

Monday morning, we prepared ourselves to call a tow, but on a whim decided to try to add a bit of gas – what if? It did sit for three weeks untouched. . . And lo, after three days of living in the airport, a few litres and one final jump start was all we needed, and we drove that sucker out of there.

We spent a few more days hanging around Darwin, getting Leland checked out by the mechanic anyway in preparation for another long drive through nowheresville, and watching some beautiful sunsets. Darwin is a really nice place – spacious green parks everywhere, kilometers of picturesque coastline, and friendly people chatting with us while we cooked up zucchini and eggs for breakfast in a park somewhere.

And now, we depart the massive city life (sic) for a few more hiking adventures before settling down to another gainful employment.

Lots of love!! (photos to come)
C and J


One thought on “Darwin Vagabons

  1. Yeah Leland, ready for another chunk of miles. Darwin, named after shipmate Charles Darwin, smallest and most northerly, and most modern of all the capitals. Gateway to SE Asia, always hot, prone to cyclones and lightning storms, on the Timor Sea! 🙂

    Love you guys! Miss you!! We had coconut curry, gado gado, coconut and bean salad and nasi goreng the last two nights. Yum!

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