Bali Wedding!

Hello friends!!


After another short road trip through the East MacDonnells National Park and north from Alice to Darwin (only 4 days this time! With time for short side hikes!) We’ve spent the last few weeks on the Indonesian Island of Bali to meet up with the Cantor family for the first time since France and celebrate my sister’s wedding. It has been a vacation from our vacation, a family reunion, a return to southeast Asia, and a really fun trip.


Above, the Cantor-Vatlands. Welcome to the family, Stig! It’s a beautiful, picture-perfect affair, and we all joke about Lani’s promising future as a wedding planner. The food is delicious, the beach is beautiful, the rain is averted and the dance party is awesome: it is an extremely joyous and fun wedding, and I am so happy for my sister. J especially loves her introduction to the Jewish Hora: a dance in which everyone joins hands and dances in circles around the bride and groom while they are lifted into the air in chairs.


We resort it up pre and post wedding and spend lots of time playing in infinity pools and lounging in a/c. Such luxuries we haven’t had in quite some time! Above, J and Lani. The roaming group of Cantors and Norwegians also travels to Ubud, where we live amongst the rice paddies and take an awesome (and delicious!) Balinese cooking class, then to Candidasa, where we snorkel, beach, and hike.


J at the highest elevation of her life! We set our alarms for midnight and join a crew of Cantors climbing Mt. Agung by headlamp. We arrive at the summit, 3,200 meters above our seaside beach bungalows, in time for a glorious sunrise.


The beach at Nusa Lembongan.


On the boat. A much drier experience than our first trip getting to the island, during which our small fishing boat was tossed and sprayed and everyone (and everyone’s luggage) arrived soaking wet.


Lani, Ina, and Stig. After snorkeling, surfing, and beaching to our hearts content, we are now preparing for departure back to Darwin, where we’ll prep for a backpacking trip in Katherine and then be heading west into the Kimberleys!


Morning tea at the pre-wedding resort. It’s been a great trip.
Lots of love,
C and J


4 thoughts on “Bali Wedding!

  1. So fun to hang out with you guys again since France. J at highest elevation of her life! Love it!! I’m on a high that’s gotta last until next summer! It just might. Thanks Lani and Stig for an awesome Bali experience! Love you, love you J and C! Back to eagerly awaiting your next post.

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