Glen Helen

Welcome to Glen Helen!


We move into the staff lodging and discover under our bed two posters – a pin-up girl and a map of Australia. This room’s been waiting for us!


Glen Helen Resort viewed from the top of the bluff. In the background is Mt. Saunder, which we intend to climb. (Also on our wall – a check-off list of walks in the area) J and I are working at the resort with a small staff of about 10-15, a mix of Aussies and other travellers. We are paid extremely well to do things like check people into the motel and campsite, tell them about walks in the area, pump their gas and serve them beer and food. In an unfortunate turn of events, J and I find ourselves with opposite work schedules (me 6:30a-2p and her 2p-11p) which means we hang out only at staff mealtimes. In a fortunate turn of events, this also means we’re able to have the same days off every week and take awesome trips around the National Park and surrounding area.

Gorges and helicopter rides and swimming, Oh My!!


J at Red Bank Gorge.


J at Serpentine Gorge.


Jimmy takes us for a helicopter ride!


It was a very small helicopter.


Rock Wallaby.


Staff bunkers in the evening.


C overlooking Glen Helen Gorge.

Loving it here!
Love C and J.



4 thoughts on “Glen Helen

  1. I. MISS. YOU. ALL!!!!! I need a postcard, smoke signals… anything! Love you guys… so jealous of your adventures!


  2. What, no self-serve gas in Alice Springs? Glen Helen looks great. Seems a bit like the resort in Dirty Dancing. Do you sing to the guests? Beautiful scenery and views. Is that bluff touching your property? Do guests walk up there? I hope you are having a great time notwithstanding schedule. Love, Dad

  3. Whoa! Cool!! You are seeing some amazing territory! Loved the helicopter ride! Loved the walaby and the “gorge”! Ha ha! I miss you guys sooooooo much! Can’t wait to see you! ily mum

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