Road Trip!!

This is what it looks like when you drive across Australia:


But I’m getting ahead of myself. We had a fantastic road trip, you guys. We decided to take the long way round, and instead of driving east, then north, took off south from Perth towards Margaret River (most known for forests, fishing, and wineries), then followed the southern coast with some spectacular cliffs. Then we crossed the Nullarbor  desert, turned north, crossed some more desert, and arrived at Alice Springs, which is approximately 2,000 km from anywhere.


Perth, where the grand journey began. Actually a very cool city. I might have liked to spend more time here, but you never know – we may be back!


J fishing in Busselton. A nice guy gave her pointers for her new rod, then gave her more appropriately-sized hooks and bait. Later, we met another guy who offered to let us park Leland at his house a few blocks away, and we spent the evening drinking beer and chatting with him and his wife. In the morning, they gave us travel advice for Margaret River, a larger rod for J, and a bottle of wine. People here are so nice!




Leland visits wine country. C and J stop for tastings, and travel eastward with an ever-growing booze collection.


Leland visits the beach.


The Great Australian Bight! It was very windy here.


Camels? Wombats? Roos? Also lots of signs for “Wandering Livestock” and these, warning against driving tired:


We drive out of radio range and entertain ourselves with our broad CD collection: Australian Folk Tunes, Bach, Scissor Sisters, and a randomly found compilation called Samantha’s mix. When we tire of these, I teach J rugby songs and we cross the center of Australia making up verses. “I used to work in Chicago. . .”


This is what Australians mean when they say “wide load”. You should actually get off the road entirely. Also found in Central Australia: Road Trains – semi trucks pulling up to four containers behind them. I’ll say that again. A semi truck that is four times the size of a semi truck. They are terrifying, especially since the highway is not divided – it’s just a regular two-lane road with a road train coming at you from the opposite direction at 130 km/h.


After 5 1/2 days of driving and nearly 4,000 km, we arrive at Glen Helen Resort in the West MacDonnell Range just outside Alice Springs! We’ve been working hard, earning lots of money, and spending all of our time off walking and exploring this beautiful and amazing place we’ve found ourselves in.


Glen Helen Gorge, our local swimming hole/bouldering gym.
More to come!
Lots of love,
C and J


5 thoughts on “Road Trip!!

  1. Wow what a road trip. I’m glad you managed to stay awake at the wheel. Those road trains sound scary. Did Leland behave itself? Your new location looks scrumptious! Love, Dad

  2. Btw, I wonder why there are camels in Australia. I thought all the animals there are home-grown. Are they great swimmers? … like all the way from wherever the nearest camels live? Love, Dad

  3. Whoa!! Amazing as usual. Next post Glen Helen? Where is the nearest airport? Can’t wait to see you guys! Assignment: photo of semi train ONLY if it is parked. Ily!! Say hi to the wombats for me! Glad you’re safe. Ily

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I received your postcard, Ju! Hope your travels keep taking you to magnificent places. Wish I could be a keychain dangling on your backpack watching your explore the world!

    Miss you,
    Patty (Sam)

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