Beachy Times on the Thai Peninsula


Hi there, folks!!
We find ourselves (with limited internet access – sorry about the delay) on the southern peninsula of Thailand, getting sand in all our nicks and scrapes and rock climbing up a storm. And, we’ve been joined in our adventures by Alex, J’s little brother, fresh off his own 6 months of adventure through South America and New Zealand.


We began with a trip to Ko Tao, where Alex was getting his PADI scuba certification. Said trip involved taxi to canal ferry to local bus to regional bus which dropped us off on the side of the road in an unknown town at 1am, at which point we started walking until a truck picked us up, a night spent sleeping in front of the ferry office, a morning ferry to a tuk-tuk to some more walking. . .and we made it to a beautiful campsite overlooking Tanote Bay. J and I had planned an adventure-filled few days of rock climbing and snorkelling, but another scooter crash on our first night sidelined these plans and left J nursing some scrapes and bruises (I ninja-rolled off the back and came out victorious, even saving our take-away fried rice!). We soon discovered that the roads here are notorious for crashes – extremely steep and curvy, poorly paved and spontaneously turning into rutted dirt or worse, 4 inch deep sand. We made a rule to drive only on the paved roads, then just get off and walk, and shook our heads smugly to ourselves as we witnessed no less than three more crashes before we left the island, including one involving two locals and one in exactly the same patch of sand we’d lost it in.


But we survived, and managed a perfectly respectable beach vacation, hiking through the jungle to various sides of the island. C even purchased a snorkel, and turns out to not be very good at snorkeling.


On to Krabi! J’s wounds have healed sufficiently for some climbing, and we reward by taking a tuk-tuk to overnight ferry to local bus to tuk-tuk to longboat route to Ao Tonsai, the rock climbing Mecca of Thailand. And rock climb, we did. Alex took to it like a pro and J and I both upped our game. We lounged on some beaches, kayaked through some caves, hiked through some jungle, and ended the week having beasted some solid 6As and 6Bs.


Go Alex!


A pretty great belay spot.




Where’s Waldo?


Now leaving Thailand and headed south to Malaysia. It’s been great.
Lots of love,
C & J



6 thoughts on “Beachy Times on the Thai Peninsula

  1. You guys look fantastic! If you are still with Alexandre tell him I say “wassup”. Keep having a great time.


  2. Whoa! Gorgeous spot!! Way to up your game on the rocks and why am I not surprised that brother Alex is a natural. But of course who wouldn’t be a star climber in such an absolutely stunning spot! Your scooter escapades sound nuts! Glad you’ve mended and decided against sand biking. :). Miss you guys! Would love to be climbing! Ily. Mum

  3. What a commute! I’m glad you’re watching yourselves on scooters. Don’t forget to watch yourselves climbing too. Your pictures and stories are so delightful! Wish I were there. Love, Dad

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