Si Phan (4,000) Don (Islands)

As in, literally, there are four thousand of them.

We stayed on Don Det, an island divided into the apt-ly titled “sunrise side” and “sunset side”. They have their priorities right around here.

Si Phan Don is the most touristy place we’ve been all month, but in a way we could jive with pretty well. Guidebooks describe it by stating that “there isn’t much to do on the islands, but then, that’s kind of the point. If you get tired of sipping beer from your hammock while watching the sun set over the river, you could always rent a bike, canoe, inner tube, or motorbike and watch the sunset from somewhere else, but that’s about it.”

So we spent four days lounging in hammocks and watching the sun set and recovering from our various climbing aches and bruises. And it was awesome. Then, back to Bangkok!

More photos:
Our most energetic activity of the week – a 7km stroll around the island.


J making friends.

Water buffalo babies!


Goodbye Laos!!


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