The days are just packed.


Welcome to Asia! We’ve alighted in Thailand and spent three days all but passed out on the couch at the apt of friends Aaron and Patti. (Thanks, guys.)


Finally got around to exploring Bangkok, which was pretty great. We got street food, which was delicious, Thai massages, which turned out to be very accurately described as “a bit like wrestling” and got caught up at a temple in a procession with lots of incense and us trying our best to get out of the way.


Are now spending a week in full-blown beach vacation mode at the island of Koh Chang, on the SE coast. We took a train to a bus to a ferry to a tuk-tuk to a small street on the far side of the island. We walked about 10 m, took a right down a side street, and ran into a guy who suggested a place and moments later, there we were with a perfect little beach bungalow with a bed, a fan, and a mosquito net for B150/night ($5) and we’ve never been happier.


It’s all jungle and beach here. And tourist stands with sarongs and juice smoothies. We’ve discovered the joys of green curry (B40 = $1.50), coconut ice cream (B15 =50¢), and a giant Sing ha beer (B55 = dinner + dessert. . ).


We had all sorts of active plans for our time here, but it turns out we’ve been far too busy lounging in open-air cafes, lying on the beach , and sitting for some really nice sunsets.  It’s a tough life, you guys.


Heading north soon, and getting down to the real business of touristing. Lots of love! C and J



One thought on “The days are just packed.

  1. Just lovely!! Yeah for down time! Loved “seeing” you! You definitely look refreshed. Missed you on our very cool spelunking excursion. Ily

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