Things we’ve learned about ostriches:

1. Ostriches can live to be 75 years old. They only lay eggs the first 25 years, but ostriches older than that make the nicest feathers.
2. Ostriches can eviscerate you with a single kick. They have really nasty talon-toes.
3. Ostriches can run up to 60 km/h.
4. Ostriches are dumb as rocks, and will eat anything. This includes rocks.
5. When walking through ostrich enclosures, put your arm up to make yourself taller. Then they won’t attack you.
6. To defend yourself against an attacking ostrich, grab it’s head or neck and hold it down. The ostrich can’t kick you from this position, and if it tries, it will kick itself.
7. Ostriches sleep lying down. It’s hilarious.

Things we’ve learned about olives:

1. The average olive tree will produce olives that yield about 10-13% of their weight in oil. Lots of kilos of olives, not a lot of oil.
2. Olive oil comes out of the press lime greenish and bitter. It needs to sit for a month before it is delicious.
3. Once it is ready, the color of olive oil makes no difference to its taste at all.
4. The pulp waste from the olive pressing can be used as animal feed or compressed into bricks which people burn like wood or coal.
5. Olives for eating are picked earlier than for oil. They are tapped with a hammer, soaked in water, then put into a bucket with salt, lemon, and hot peppers and left to pickle.
6. These olives are delicious. They are served in small dishes at bars and restaurants for people to snack on.


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