Italy is treating us well, folks.


We wake up each morning to this view from our tower out over the valley. The nights are getting colder – there’s a nip in the air, but we are cozy under the doona, staring up at the thick, old, wooden beams above our heads.


In the mornings, there’s work to be done – picking figs, collecting rocks from the forest and building rock walls for terraces and staircases, caring for the olives, lavender, or veg garden, building shelving or sanding and painting shutters and windows. Every Tuesday morning we volunteer in the castle garden at Civitella Ranieri:


In the afternoons, we read in the sun or hike in the surrounding hills (below, with John and Thierry). We pick pet projects around the house or in the kitchen.

We take vacations from our vacation – house-sitting for friend Teana, whose old stone borgo is isolated from the street below by a kilometer or two of winding steep dirt driveway; the house is renovated into a completely open, minimalist space with huge windows and we spend a weekend luxuriating in the sunshine or cozy, listening to music in the arched stone chapel. And to Bologna to stay with friend Jen, where we wander beneath the arcades and through the weekend markets, people watch Italy’s alternative and queer hotspots, and meet some amazing new friends.


It’s been a great month.


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