The UK is windy, and we are poorly clothed.

We take a side vacation from our vacation to the UK for a week!


Loved Newcastle. Plane landed 3p. 4p? Have found an amazing art/punk bar with local beers and board games. (Local beers? Check.) Try Scotch egg and meat pie. Delicious unknown pickled things.


Stayed with wonderful host Naz and could’ve stayed twice as long. Took a trip to Tynnemouth and walked along the beach, ate delicious, flaky cod from a tiny chip shop (check!), and had a great time wandering the bridges.


Bussed to Edinburgh. Beautiful. Old. Crazy crags and ohmygoodness it looks like Scotland here.


Sleep in an old converted church. See some awesome old buildings and castles (check!). Drink some whiskey, eat some haggis (check! Check!), and climb Arthur’s Seat, where it is so windy we are nearly blown off the top.



Huzzah! On to Glasgow! Just here 2 days with host Sprout, who has lengthy conversations with J about doctor’s politics and gardening and strange medical ailments in cats. It rains off and on the whole time, and boy our summer attire doesn’t cut it here. Meaning we’ve been wearing our workpants with leggings underneath and layering our only long sleeved shirts all week long. We don’t look or smell great, but we still manage to make it out, try some black pudding (really dense. Really really heavy stuff here), drink some more local beers and ciders, and crave veggies like woah.


Our first experiences with couch surfing prove great! We really enjoyed the different quality of vacation you get with a local versus staying in a hostel. We cook for them, and they give us great local recommendations!


After a bit of tourism, we’re ready to get on to our next farm stay. On to Italy!!


2 thoughts on “The UK is windy, and we are poorly clothed.

  1. Very cool!! Couch surfing, huh!! Glad to see the journal still in use. L’Shana Tova and Happy B-day soon! What do you want? Miss you!!!!! Ily

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