Across France

Photos, as promised!


Our fountain in Besse, where we got all our drinking water.


The morning-after effects of the dance party our first night in La Rochelle with the Larmiers.


Walking along the waterfront in La Rochelle, immediately after swimming in the Atlantic.


Mattieu as the genetic mutation that is a many-armed sunflower.


Showing our climbing prowess at Les Baux de Provence, an ancient castle town literally built into the mountaintop. Look it up, peeps, its amazing.

Now in Anduze, a picturesque town where we plan to do some hiking and hit up the ceramic festival in town (no biggie). Til Paris, Au revoir!



2 thoughts on “Across France

  1. Ahhhhhh Miss you guys!! Hope you’re having a blast! BTW Bods I got your postcard… it made my week! It made me feel oh so loved!

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