La Rochelle et les Larmiers

Greetings! We remain on family vacation mode, but have now exchanged the Cantors for the Larmiers! We just returned from a trip to La Rochelle for a Larmier family reunion – an event which hasn’t happened in a decade and wouldn’t have occurred without J’s cousin Salomé and all of her planning, cooking, and placing of cute ribbon-tied lavender bunches upon our pillows. The weekend started off with lots of champagne toasts and a dance party and continued with delicious food, lots of familial joking, and our first turn at swimming in this side of the Atlantic! It finished with a road trip across France with J’s dad Phillippe and Grandmother Marie-Ange. We are now back in Besse for a short stay before voyaging out – to Paris to visit J’s uncles Fabrice and Frederic, then to Berlin to visit my former roommate and her new husband, Julie and Ollie! Afterwards, we buckle down and being the tough life – living at a castle in Saxony and rebuilding a barn. I may never come home.

Photos forthcoming!
Lots of love, C and J


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